Sunday Trading Ban in Poland – conversation questions


Na początku lutego został zaostrzony zakaz handlu w niedzielę. Od tej pory nie można tłumaczyć otwarcia sklepu w niedzielę istnienia w nim „punktu pocztowego” czy „wypożyczalni sprzętu sportowego”. A że publikuję ten post w niedzielę – porozmawiajmy o Twojej opinii na temat zakazu handlu w niedzielę i ogólnych zwyczajach zakupowych!

1. Ban on Sunday trading – yay or nay? What is your opinion?

2. Before the Sunday trading ban – did you visit shopping galleries on weekends? Was it easy for you to change that habit after the ban was introduced?

3. How do you usually spend your weekends? Are there some weekend activities you do frequently?

4. Sunday trading ban is quite a controversial topic. What are some typical arguments for and against Sunday trading?

5. What solutions would you introduce to protect both the rights of workers and those of shop owners / customers?

6. Do you know anybody who works on Sundays? What jobs do they do?

7. Do you like shopping in general? Do you prefer to go shopping alone or with somebody else?

8. Do you like window shopping?

9. Where and when do you usually do your grocery shopping? Where do you usually buy clothes? Can you describe your general shopping habits?

10. Places like Żabka, Lidl, Biedronka or in-post parcel lockers became part of our Polish city landscape. Tell me more about your attitude towards those places.

11. Does your partner have some annoying or strange shopping habits?

12. Do you sometimes buy things just to make you feel better?

13. Do you often buy stuff online? Did your habits change during the pandemic?

14. Have you ever bought anything at Aliexpress? Amazon? Allegro? What was your experience?

15. Do you know anyone who is addicted to shopping? Are you addicted to shopping?

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